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Great Comments about Robertson

Ethics Daily has, as usual, great coverage of Robertson's most recent foot-in-mouth moment.

The article includes several American Christian leaders condemning Robertson's remarks. Thankfully, it seems that most people do not condone his words. Here are a couple of great ones that remind us of the importance of being careful with our words:

Robert Parham of the Baptist Center for Ethics said Robertson "illustrates what happens when fundamentalist Christians ignore the social teachings of Jesus and use their religious platforms to advance naked aggression against others—they sound like their ideological kinsmen within Islamic fundamentalism."

Bob Edgar of the National Council of Churches said, "It defies logic that this so-called evangelist is using his media power not to win people to faith but to encourage them to support the murder of a foreign leader."

Bruce Prescott of Mainstream Oklahoma Baptists stated, "There ought to be some way to distinguish Christians who follow the teachings of Jesus from those who wear the label while ignoring the teachings of Christ and defaming the name of Jesus--particularly when they literally advocate violence on a broadcast beamed around the world."


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