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Judge Roberts got it right

Next week the confirmation hearings will begin for Judge John Roberts to determine whether or not he will be the next Supreme Court justice. New memos he wrote while working for the Reagan administration have been released. Worldandnation: Meet John Roberts, in his words There are a couple of very good comments made by Roberts in the memos.

After Bob Jones III of the fundamentalist Bob Jones University wrote a letter criticizing the Reagan administration for not helping a fundamentalist Christian professor with visa problems, Roberts wrote that they should ignore the request:

"A restrained reply to his petulant paranoia is attached for your review, telling Jones, in essence, to go soak his head."

Well put! There are many other paranoid Christian leaders that need to be told to go soak their head. Cool down, calm down, and then maybe we can rationally discuss the issues. But I'm not holding my breath waiting for that cool-headed attitude to be widely adopted.

In another memo, Roberts questioned a speech writer who wanted Reagan to call America "the greatest nation God ever created." Roberts argued:

"God creates things like the heavens and the earth, and the birds and the fishes, but not nations."

Now, while some may argue with him there is still a good lesson here: focus on God's beautiful creation not our man-made governments.

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