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Right Christian?

Reverend Al Sharpton (who seems to play the role of politician much more frequently than that of preacher) attacked Focus on the Family and other conservative Christian groups. Sharpton claims:

"I think there is a big difference between the Christian right and the right Christians."

"The focus of a lot of right-wing Christian groups is to try and put sheep's clothing on wolves."

Is he correct? Well, partly. Unfortunately he is correct that the Christian right today is often times neither, and that they do sometimes give a false sacred cover to their secular political motivations. However, Sharpton is hardly a credible messenger. With his own share of misplaced priorities and dumb statements, Sharpton can easily be attacked with the same accusations he levels here. Reminds me of that whole speck and plank analogy Jesus used.

Sadly, clergy have been blinded by the earthly riches that both major political parties claim to offer, instead of focusing on building a Heavenly Kingdom. Hopefully Sharpton and other preachers will soon return to simply preaching the Gospel of Jesus.

Sharpton did, however, have one solid point that should be considered by Focus on the Family and other mostly white conservative Christian groups:

"You can't put a real focus on the family without dealing with the black community."

Hopefully, our Christian ministries and churches will become even more diverse. Kind of like how Heaven will be like.

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