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Robertson's Nose Grows

It seems that after all the controversy, Robertson has decided to change his tune. No, he didn't apologize. He said he was "misinterpreted" by the media. - Robertson:�Chavez remarks misinterpreted - Aug 24, 2005

Robertson claims: "I didn't say 'assassination.' I said our special forces should 'take him out.' And 'take him out' can be a number of things, including kidnapping; there are a number of ways to take out a dictator from power besides killing him. I was misinterpreted by the AP [Associated Press], but that happens all the time."

Didn't say assassination?! Let's see, he said: "If he thinks we're trying to assassinate him, I think we really ought to go ahead and do it." Hmm. First Robertson suggested we break the 6th commandment and kill. Now he's breaking the 9th commandment by giving false testimony. And yet he complains whenever the courts order a Ten Commandments monument to be removed. Maybe instead of trying to post the Decalogue everywhere he should focus on following them!

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