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Too Harsh?

In case you think I have been too harsh on Pat Robertson, here is an excellent article that you need to read. Welcome to Ethics! It is written by a missionary in Costa Rica. He talks about how the media reports of Robertson's comments are likely to make it harder for him and other Christians to minister in the region. He are a couple of his observations:

"There is another aspect to Robertson's misguided statement. That is the impact on his own evangelical brothers and sisters in Venezuela and throughout Latin America of his careless words, and the difficulty that he may cause many evangelical missionaries in Venezuela."

"There is also a concern for Protestant Christian workers in the region. 'We could see a backlash in Venezuela against U.S. missionaries,' one missionary with a number of years experience in Venezuela expressed following the news of Robertson's statement."

So have I been too harsh? I think not. After all, if something hurts the ability to tell people about the Good News of Jesus then it must be condemned so we can hopefully avoid such harmful comments in the future.

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