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Another Preacher hurts his Hurricane Relief

In addition to Franklin Graham, another preacher has also hurt his Hurricane relief efforts by saying dumb things--Pat Robertson. Because of comments a few weeks ago calling for the assassination of Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez, some are now questioning whether or not his relief effort, Operation Blessing, should be recognized by FEMA as an approved charity.
Here's Max Blumenthal's great take on the issue. Pat Robertson's Katrina Cash

He writes:

"Every cloud has a silver lining. Hurricane Katrina has devastated New Orleans, leaving thousands dead and hundreds of thousands homeless, and plunging the entire city into chaos. In the hurricane's wake, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and its director, Michael Brown, forced out of his former job at the International Arabian Horse Association, with no credentials in disaster relief, have become targets of withering criticism. Yet FEMA's relief efforts have brought considerable assistance to at least one man who stands to benefit from Hurricane Katrina perhaps more than any other individual: Pat Robertson."

"'How in the heck did that happen?' Richard Walden, president of the disaster-relief group Operation USA, asked of Operation Blessing's inclusion on FEMA's list. 'That gives Pat Robertson millions of extra dollars.'"

"While relief efforts falter in the face of colossal bureaucratic incompetence, the Bush Administration's promotion of Operation Blessing has ensured that the floodwaters swallowing New Orleans will be a rising tide lifting Robertson's boat."

Hopefully this is a good reminder of how misguided words can damage one' attempts to do more ministry.

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