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The charge of being "anti-American" is one that is frequently used in politics today. Here's a critique of religious leaders who talked about God's wrath and the Hurricane as being anti-American. - With God On Our Side? Here's a couple highlights:

"The anti-Americans in our midst are out in force again, saying everything that goes wrong is America’s fault. They just won’t stop running down this country, their hatred never far from the surface."

"Of course, this is nothing new. For years, conservative Christians have been telling us that America is a veritable modern-day Sodom whose desperate moral depravity all but demands another Great Flood to wash the earth of our vile sins."

"Just who hates America—the people who see terrorist attacks and natural disasters made worse by official bumbling and demand that our government keep us secure, or the people who see those things, nod their heads, and say, 'Yep, just what we deserve.'"

Because of statements by Robertson, Phelps, Lindsay, and others, Christians are seen as being "anti-American" and similar to the terrorists. Now, while our goal should be to follow Christ above our nation (and the teachings of Jesus could at times be viewed today as "anti-Christian"), one does not need to be so divisive or hateful.

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