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Giving God a Bad Name?

Here's an article with an interesting comment about how our actions reflect on others and God. Welcome to Ethics! The article is about the start of the trial concerning the squandering of money by executives of the Baptist Foundation of Arizona. It quotes a woman who lost thousands of dollars. She said:

"You don't know the spiritual damage that's been done to people."

"It doesn't give God a bad name. ...It gives the people who use God's name a bad name. God wasn't in this."

She is right and wrong. Yes, it does give Christians (and especially Baptists in Arizona) a bad name. And it has done a lot of spiritual damage as the Christian witness has been hurt. But it does also give God a bad name. Even though He didn't do anything wrong. When we do dumb things it hurts our credibility and that hurts the image of God. Those leaders in Arizona have not only hurt their name, the name of Baptists, and the name of Christians, but have also hurt the name of God.

So be careful what you say and do!

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