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Good Deeds lead to Good Press!

In the midst of the tragic news following Hurricane Katrina, there is some good news. Southern Baptists and other Christians are getting numerous positive mentions in the secular press for their relief efforts. It is refreshing to see Christians focused on sharing the love of Jesus and it is exciting to see the positive press that follows. Not only is a positive witness given to those who are physically helped in the region, but also to everyone who reads or hears about the relief efforts in the media.

And this impact is not just in the area that has been devastated. Newspapers all across the country are talking about what locals are doing to help. For instance, here is a newspaper in Delaware that mentions the relief efforts of the local Baptist church. - Covering Delaware's Cape Region Good deeds such as these lead to good press all across the country!

While it is tragic that these events happen, I am proud of how Baptists and other Christians respond. This is what it all about--sharing the love of Jesus! I only wish we always had this focus. Even when there are not large natural disasters, people are still in need. People still need food and clothes; people still need comfort and love. If only all Christians would have this type of people focus all year round and not just following disasters. Just imagine all the people we could help and all the positive things that would be written and said about Christians.

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