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Great Comments on Hurricane

As usual, Tony Campolo offers excellent advice. This time is about God's role in the Hurricane and is a greatly needed message right now. beliefnet: Tony Campolo on Katrina--suffering hurricane victims Bible Jesus Christ Not God's Wrath--or His Will

Go read his whole article, but here are a couple of great highlights:

"Furthermore, there are Christians who, in the weeks to come, can be counted on to thunder from their pulpits that Katrina is God’s wrath against the immorality of this nation, pointing out that New Orleans is the epitome of our national degradation and debauchery. To all of this I say, 'Wrong.'"

"Personally, I contend that the best thing for us to do in the aftermath of Katrina is to remain silent, and not try to explain this tragedy. Instead of asking 'Why?' we should be asking, 'What does God want us to do now?' The loving God calls all believers in the face of Katrina’s devastation to seek ways to express love in concrete ways towards those who have lost friends and family members; and to those who have lost homes along with most of their earthly belongings."

"Instead of looking for God in the earthquake or the tsunami, in the roaring forest fires blazing in the western states, or in the mighty winds of Katrina, it would be best to seek out a quiet place and heed the promptings of God’s still small voice. That voice will inspire us to bring some of God’s goodness to bear in the lives of those who suffer."

Amen! We need more Christians who respond like this!


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