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Hurricane Katrina and God

Rick Scarborough has declared that Hurricane Katrina is God's punishment for homosexuality, bestiality, pornography, the removing of Ten Commandments monuments, and the U.S. support of the Gaza withdrawal by Israel. Newsletter Subscription Page I wish I was making this up, but here he is in his own words:

"Scriptures teach us that God will not be mocked. The scenes of devastation in New Orleans we're witnessing on the nightly news show us a catastrophe of Biblical proportions."

"After September 11, 2001, 'God bless America' was on everyone's lips. But what, exactly, are we asking God to bless - a nation moving a breakneck speed toward homosexual marriage, a nation awash in pornography, a nation in which our children are indoctrinated in perversion in the public schools, a nation in which most public displays of The Ten Commandments are considered offensive to the Constitution, a nation in which the elite does all in its considerable power to efface our Biblical heritage?"

"We are sowing the wind. Surely, we shall reap the whirlwind."

"One other factor which must be considered: Days before Katrina nearly wiped New Orleans off the map, 9,000 Jewish residents of Gaza were driven from their homes with the full support of the United States government. Could this be a playing out of prophesy ('I will bless that nation that blesses you, and curse the nation that curses you')?"

"Please read on. I want to give you two examples - from today's headlines - of how we are bringing disaster on ourselves. And then tell you what you can do - right now, today - to begin to reverse the process."


If God was upset with California, Washington, and Israel why take out the Southern coast of the U.S? Some may point out the sins of New Orleans, but what about Mississippi and Alabama? Weren't those the same "red states" in the last election that were supposed to be more religious than the "blue states" on the coasts?

Such statements are not only nonsense, but a complete slap in the face to everyone who lost their homes, families, or friends in this disaster. Now is the time to share the love of Jesus, not self-righteous condemnation. Please stick to the message that people need to hear right now and get off your soapbox!

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