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Joke's on Us

Thanks to all the Christians who made dumb statements about Hurricane Katrina being God's punishment on America. As a result, they gave the late-night comics a lot of easy material.

On The Daily Show with Jon Stewart the other night, Stephen Colbert joked about Michael Marcavage (whose comments I covered earlier) claiming the Hurricane struck because of the homosexual parade that was about to be held in the French Quarter. Colbert noted that the flooding actually missed the French Quarter but hit the districts adjacent to it. He then added: "If anything, the lesson of Katrina is: God loves gays, but hates the gay-adjacent."

Colbert also poked fun at the anti-abortion activist that claimed the Hurricane struck because of the abortions clinics in New Orleans. This Christian leader said his proof was that Hurricane Katrina looked like a 6-week-old fetus (I wish this was made up, but it is not). Here's the website (but go there at your own peril): Abortion

As a result of the dumb statements by some Christians, all Christians come off as being unintelligent, anti-scientific, and just odd. Thanks guys for making us all look bad!

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