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Persecution Complex

A recent news report indicated that many American evangelical Christians feel persecuted. Really? We're apparently the persecuted majority.

Now a Professor of Psychology has written an article disputing that claim. Evangelicals as victims? Not in U.S., they’re not

He offers some great observations:

"Trying to force their ideas on a reluctant public from the top down will only earn them further revulsion and rejection."

"Their ideas are rejected because their leaders - Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and James Dobson - often make totally inappropriate comments about the issues of the day. For example, Robertson recently suggested that the U.S. assassinate the leader of another country because he has a disagreement with the Bush administration."

"No person who publicly advocates cold-blooded murder for political reasons can claim to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Rich preachers are incompatible with Christianity, living in the lap of luxury while spending most of their time fundraising just like a politician. The teachings of Christ are incompatible with Robertson, Falwell and Dobson."

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