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Robertson and Satire

Pat Robertson has been the victim of satire recently. And because of lots of crazy comments by Robertson in the past (including his recent WWJA--Who Would Jesus Assassinate?"), people are believing it. A story has been making the rounds on the Internet claiming that Robertson said that Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans because Ellen Degeneres was about to host the Emmy Awards. This was apparently God's punishment on Ellen's home city because she is homosexual. Urban Legends Reference Pages: Hurricane Katrina (God's Wrath)

It turns out that the story is completely made up and was intended to be satire. But lots of people believed it because it sounds like something Robertson would actually say. Let this be a stark reminder of why one must be careful with their words. Otherwise one may destroy their credibility and to the point that they simply become the punchline of satire or jokes. Had Robertson been more careful with his mouth in the past, this story would likely have never been written.

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