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The Next Missions Field?

Are blogs the next great missions field now that every Christian can write up their thoughts and be read around the world? Check out an article here on blogs and religion. - Politics - Bloggers Seek to Mix Faith and the Internet

Blogs do offer some good benefits. As one Christian blogger stated:

"What ends up happening is the level of dialogue about particular issues goes up."

Another said:

"It gives me interaction with people who are well-read, well-learned and therefore people who I can interact with on a level that not commonly available at a local congregation."

I am excited to be part of this new technology. Hopefully, blogs really will live up to the ideal of encouraging dialogue—and not simply be another place where Christians don't listen to others and instead spout off dumb and hurtful statements.

1 comment:

  1. I don't understand the "shut up", but God must be behind Blogging! I see the promise and the possibilities for abuse. Lets overwhelm the bad with the good!



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