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Oh Great!

Here's some news just out that is bound to bring bad press to Christians over the next year--Roy Moore just announced that he will run for Governor of Alabama. ABC News: Ousted Ala. Justice to Run for Governor

In case you forgot, Moore is the former Supreme Court Justice of Alabama who was kicked off after he disobeyed a federal court order to remove his monument of the Ten Commandments that he secretly installed one night. His supporters, mostly Christians, refer to him as the "Ten Commandments Judge." Yet he and they violate the 2nd commandment as they nearly worship his 5-ton monument of the Ten Commandments. How ironic and sad!

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  1. Anonymous2:25 PM

    The Dems could have two great women at the top of the ticket in Alabama. Lucy Baxley should win easily in the Dem. primary, and Sue Bell Cobb will be the candidate for Chief Justice. Both have held statewide office for the last 12 years and neither has high negatives. Cobb has major name recognition due to her high-profile children's advocacy work.

    Roy Moore and his little buddy Tom Parker (currently an Associate Justice on the SC) could win the Republican nominations, especially with Alabama's Gay Marriage Amendment on the June 6 ballot. Chief Justice will be highlighted if Moore wins the nomination.

    If Moore and Parker win their primaries, this could be a major bellweather. Will traditional pro-business Republicans split off from the radical right?


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