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Right On!

Oklahoma State University's The Daily O'Collegian offered a great critique of the group led by hate "preacher" Fred Phelps. Westboro protests beyond despicable Here's a couple of highlights:

"These protests are beyond despicable. While every American has a right to let others know his or her opinions under the First Amendment, no one has the right to act in such a depraved, classless manner during a funeral."

"Free speech is an important right in the United States, but we can have free speech while fostering a climate of mutual respect and tact for those of opposing views. Whatever your feelings on the war in Iraq, homosexuality, or religion, there is no way to justify the depths to which these people have sunk in their lack of any semblance of moral conduct or general concern for others."

"Members of Westboro Baptist Church should be ashamed of the way they act, and even more ashamed of the sickening way they exploit their children to help promote this message of pure hate."

Yes, these individuals have free speech, but so do the rest of us. So we need to use that right to condemn such hateful and un-Christ-like rhetoric. Kudos to The Daily O'Collegian for doing a great job!

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