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Sometimes Talk is Cheap

James Evans, pastor of Auburn First Baptist Church in Auburn, Alabama, has written a great column about next year's gubernatorial race in Alabama. The race will include Roy "I worship a 5-ton idol" Moore (kind of ironic since he claims to want to uphold the Ten Commandments but forgets the 2nd one—but why let a little hypocrisy get in the way of political ambition).

Evans argues that there will be "lots of God talk" in the race. Welcome to Ethics! He goes on to write about how it would be nice if the candidates did not just talk about Jesus but actually tried to implement policies that follow His teachings.

It is a good dream, but it seems unlikely to happen. Politicians like Moore have no problem using God's name, but seem to find it difficult to actually put those words into actions.

Evans ends with a great reminder of the dangers of mixing religion and politics:

"After all, the last time Jesus went out with a bunch of politicians, they killed him. One way or another, I worry that could happen again."

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