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Write On!

Here's the news article about the protests by the hate group that was also in Oklahoma State's The Daily O'Collegian. Kansas church protests war, homosexuality in OKC

A counter group of veterans showed up with motorcycles and kept revving their engines to drown out the hate group.

One vet explained: "We want to let them know that they are a very fringe group and the majority of us in this country don’t believe what they do."

State Rep. Paul Wesselhoft, whose bill to limit such protests around funerals sparked this protest, rightly pointed out: "This has nothing to do with religion.”

The story ended by mentioning a young girl with a sign that read, “John 3:16. God loves everyone.” Amen! (And a child will lead them.) We need more Christians to stand up and write or speak the truth of God's love.

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