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Being Used

In case anyone has doubted that Christians (and thus Christ) was merely being used by politicians, here's a story that should change your mind. Weblog: Former DeLay Aide: 'Wacko' Christians Will Believe Anything - Christianity Today Magazine

Michael Scanlon, a former aide to Tom DeLay, wrote a memo in which he called Christians "wackos":

"We plan to use three forms of communications to mobilize and win these battles. … Our mission is to get specifically selected groups of individuals to the polls to speak out AGAINST something. To that end, your money is best spent finding them and communicating with them on using the modes that they are most likely to respond to. Simply put, we want to bring out the wackos to vote against something and make sure the rest of the public lets the whole thing slip past them. The wackos get their information form [sic] the Christian right, Christian radio, mail, the internet, and telephone trees."

This comes from a guy who worked for DeLay, who claims to be a Christian and spoke at the Justice Sunday II rally. Scanlon also is connected to the legal woes of Jack Abramoff and Ralph Reed—yes the same man who used to lead the Christian Coalition. Genuine faith or just politics? The answer seems quite clear.

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