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Cornucopia of Thoughts on Robertson

Here are some other good comments about the latest Robertson fiasco.

Bruce Prescott at the Mainstream Baptist blog (Mainstream Baptist: Robertson Says Dover Deserves Divine Retribution) wrote:

"His angry diatribes influence the thinking of millions of undiscerning spiritual neophytes around the world. The small, vindictive god that Robertson has created in his own image and then projected onto the universe bears little resemblance to the God that Jesus revealed. If anyone needs to stop poking his fingers in God's eyes, it is Pat Robertson. Some day he's going to have to give an account for making God appear so puny and petty on his broadcasts."

Howard Taylor (In case there was any doubt, No, Pat Robertson Does Not Speak for God) wrote:

"He's telling these people NOT to turn to God, when God wants exactly the OPPOSITE. God wants people to turn to him. ... Robertson is just playing the vengeance bit, and has missed out entirely. Whether or not God wants us to vote for Intelligent Design in our schools, I seriously doubt he's going to inflict calamity on a town over it, much less NOT BE THERE FOR THEM if they turn to him in prayer. That's not the way He works. If Pat Robertson ever had license to speak for God, I'm confident that it has now been revoked."

Jeremy at The Moderate View blog ( - a more balanced perspective) wrote:

"The Religious Right apparently enjoys the taste of Odor Eaters because they insist on sticking their foot in their mouth over and over again. ... Robertson doesn't even seem to see the perverse nature of what he is saying! I would like to point out to Mr. Robertson the definition of the word 'blasphemy' - 'A contemptuous or profane act, utterance, or writing concerning God or a sacred entity. The act of claiming for oneself the attributes and rights of God. An irreverent or impious act, attitude, or utterance in regard to something considered inviolable or sacrosanct.'"

Scott Rushing at the Confessions blog (Confessions: Pat Robertson...again) wrote:

"Let me speak clearly here: Pat Robertson does not speak for the Church. Robertson speaks for himself. ... One more note: Pat's warning to Dover, PA makes him sound a whole lot like Jonah. ... Now we have Pat Robertson, warning the people of Dover of future consequences, and warning them not to call on God because of their votes on school board members. If anyone in Dover actually does call on God, and who knows - I would bet that many of those who voted against these school board members are already Christians, then I can certainly picture Reverand Pat sitting under a tree moping that God did not destroy Dover."

And Renee wrote at the Street Prophets blog (Street Prophets: Pat Robertson's mean, scary god):

"Yes, Pat, I used lower case intentionally. The god you talk about all the time--the one you appeal to, threaten people with, and squint your eyes and pray to on television is small god. He is a petty thug of a god, undeserving of a capital G. Your god reminds me of the caricature shown in Monty Python's Holy Grail movie."

Thankfully there are a lot of Christians out there who understand that these comments are not helpful, and there are already thousands more out there. If only Robertson would listen to them. I guess that leaves us all with the same question that the administrator of blogs4God (Will the real Pat Robertson please sit down? blogs4God) had:

"To the Reverend Pat Robertson: could you please do me this one favor - retire from the public spotlight?

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