Court Prophets?

November 02, 2005

Here's some excellent analysis from Ethics Daily on reactions to the indictment of Lewis “Scooter” Libby. Welcome to Ethics!

While many Christian leaders were extremely vocal in calls for Clinton to resign or be impeached, they remain very quiet on the indictment of Libby for similar charges.

Robert Parham of the Baptist Center for Ethics puts it very well:

"The religious right is wrong to remain silent about the evil spirit that infects the White House, causing senior administration officials to smear a man who challenged the primary justification for the preemptive war against Iraq and to lie repeatedly about what they did."

"The religious right demonstrates yet again that they are court prophets—prophets that do what the king wants and not what God requires. ...The biblical witness clearly identifies such prophets as false prophets. True prophets would speak forcefully to the White House about doing the right thing, instead of hiding behind legal arguments."