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An Emerging Conflict?

A professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary has launched an attack at the "emerging church movement." Baptist scholar sounds a warning to 'emerging church' - (BP)

If you want to know more about the "emerging church" movement, check out these websites: emergingchurch or Welcome to Emergent Village

In particular, the attacks are generally launched at Brian McLaren and his book, A Generous Orthodoxy. While I do not know a whole lot about the "emerging church" movement, I read that book over the summer and found it to be extremely thought-provoking and inspiring. I highly recommend the book to anyone looking to deepen their relationship and be challenged to think.

Carlos over at Talk To Action blog highlights the differences between another Southern Baptist leader, Russell Moore, and Brian McLaren: Talk To Action A New Kind of Christian. He offers several quotations from McLaren that should give you a little taste of his work and thoughts.

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