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Ethics of Blogging

Here's a good piece from Ethics Daily on the "Ethics of Blogging." Welcome to Ethics!

It is a good reminder for all of us who are trying to spread the word via this new technology. Please hold me accountable if I fail to meet any of these standards. Likewise, I will remind you if I think you are not being ethical in comments. Hopefully, if we follow this advice, we can have good dialogue that helps all of us become more effective in communicating our faith.

Here are the key ideas (which the author expands on in the column):

"1. If something pressing happens, be pastoral and prophetic, but also let your thoughts simmer for a while."

"2. The wiser bloggers that I read are ones who pride themselves in having thoughts on the day without placing so much pride in their opinions."

"3. Remember your ethical necessity to be collegial. Some bloggers just want to take cheap shots. I would challenge these bloggers to try their best to avoid caricaturing those who differ."

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