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Focus on the Family (Not on Politics)

Yet another religious organization has had an IRS complaint filed against it. This time it is James Dobson's Focus on the Family. - IRS complaint filed against Focus on the Family - Nov 29, 2005

What worries me most about these cases is not that the organizations or churches may lose their tax-exempt status, but that they have already lost their focus. Even if it was legal to endorse candidates churches should refrain from doing so. Jesus came to build the Kingdom of Heaven not an earthly shack!

Former Moral Majority leaders Cal Thomas and Ed Dobson wrote a great book every Christian should read about the dangers of mixing church and politics—Blinded by Might. They have decided they were wrong to attempt to "save" the nation through politics. One chapter is devoted to James Dobson and is appropriately called: Focus on the Family, Not on Politics. After outlining the misguided attempts by Dobson to influence politics, Cal Thomas writes:

"If we truly desire to transform the world in which we live, we must look to God, his power, and the might of his Holy Spirit. Otherwise, we will continue to bring dishonor and embarrassment on the high cause to which we claim allegiance."

Amen! Let us get back to doing the Lord's work.

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