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Forced Religion

Thanks to the Dark Christianity blog for catching this story.

Apparently a state legislator in Alabama has introduced a bill to add "God Bless America" to all license plates. God may join crowded Alabama license plate

How about we start by blessing God with our words and deeds instead of claiming that God blesses us? How about we try to change peoples lives for the good instead of spending time and energy fighting to change license plates? (How about we minister to prisoners and other "the least of these" more instead of just trying to change the words they print while working?)

This bill may pass (we are talking about Alabama after all where Roy Moore may actually become governor—not sure how that can be seen as God blessing America or Alabama). But we must remember that forced faith is no faith at all.

Roger Williams, the first Baptist in America, established the first colony with true religious liberty for all—Rhode Island. In The Bloudy Tenent he wrote, "Forced religion stinks in the nostrils of God." This license plate bill probably does as well.

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