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Fundamentalist Persuasion?

Ethics Daily has an article outlining former President Jimmy Carter's attacks on fundamentalist Christians, including those in the Southern Baptist Convention that he used to be a part of. Welcome to Ethics!

Regardless of what you think of Carter or his political views, he does make some very good observations about the overly aggressive style some fundamentalists resort to—a style that focuses on creating fear instead of sharing love. Here's a couple of his statements:

He attacks Christians for "special favors for the powerful at the expense of others, abandonment of social justice, denigration of those who differ, failure to protect the environment, attempts to exclude those who refuse to conform, a tendency toward unilateral diplomatic action and away from international agreements, an excessive inclination toward conflict and reliance on fear as a means of persuasion."

"To summarize, there are three words that characterize this brand of fundamentalism ... rigidity, domination and exclusion."

Maybe someday most Christians will be seen as sharing the fundamentals of Jesus's faith: openness, servanthood and inclusiveness.

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