Hooray for the Tax Collectors!

November 10, 2005

The IRS has done something positive! They have brought together conservative and liberal Christians. Conservatives Also Irked by IRS Probe of Churches - Los Angeles Times

Following the recent announcement that the IRS is investigating a liberal church because of an antiwar sermon—they have already started to look into some conservative ones— conservatives and liberal Christian leaders started talking with each other to work together.

Ted Haggard, head of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) had his staff call the National Council of Churches (NCC) to figure out how they can work together to stop the IRS investigations. Bob Edgar, head of the NCC said he cheered at the news since the NAE rarely reaches out to the NCC.

How sad that it takes IRS investigations to get these two groups to not only start working together but even talk with each other. Even if they do not agree on many issues, it is important to at least keep the communication channels open. Hopefully, this will not be a one time thing; hopefully, the two groups will continue to at least dialogue with each other.

Jesus was criticized for eating with tax collectors and other sinners (I always love the passages about how tax collectors are sinners around April 15), and even chose one to be one of the disciples. It turns out that even today the tax collectors are helping the Kingdom!