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Intelligent and Christian!

Here's a good article on Wheaton College that shows that one can be academic and Christian, in what they call ''integration of faith and learning."
On Christian campus, an all-embracing framework - The Boston Globe

Duane Litfin, president of Wheaton (and who has his Ph.D. in communication—so you know you he’s a smart guy!), explained that they are not the stereotypical religious right. For instance, he said about Robertson's comments on Chavez:

''It was disastrous. ...Not only that, but profoundly un-Christian."

Yes! Litfin goes on to explain:

''Students are exposed to anything and everything. This is a genuine liberal-arts institution."

And Silvio Vazquez of Gordon College (another Christian school) added:

''We want ... to educate our students, not indoctrinate them."

This perspective recognizes that intelligence and Christianity are not mutually-exclusive. Maybe there is hope for the future that the next generation of Christian leaders will avoid the foolishness of Robertson.

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