Moore Confusion

November 29, 2005

Russell Moore, dean of the school of theology and senior vice president for academic administration at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, attacked feminism and defended patriarchy in a recent speech. Many evangelicals unwittingly live as feminists, Moore says - (BP)

Moore makes a common mistake in assuming there is only one feminism. In reality there are multiple feminisms, with some groups rejecting the views of the others. Often critics of feminism will take the ideas from radical feminists and use them to attack all feminists. This is as misguided as taking the extremist views of Pat Robertson and assuming all Christians agree with them (please don’t think I agree with him!).

Ironically, Jesus should be considered a feminist (I know that will make some uneducated Christians cringe). He brought women into his ministry and taught that all people were equal. How sad that the teachings of Jesus that once helped bring women their God-given equality and rights (after all, many of the early feminist suffrage leaders were devout Christians), are now (mis)used by some to hold women back.

Moore also defended patriarchy (male hegemonic rule), and he again shows he is quite confused. He argued:

"And it will also address the needs of hurting women and children far better, because it is rooted in the primary biblical means for protecting women and children: calling men to responsibility. Patriarchy is good for women, good for children, and good for families."

This is such a scary idea since patriarchy is actually what hurts women and children (spousal abuse, sexual abuse, etc.). Patriarchy by its very definition cannot be good for women or children!