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More on Troubled Waters

Ethics Daily has another story about the controversy surrounding reports of a Southern Baptist relief team refusing to pass out water from Anheuser-Busch to hurricane survivors. Welcome to Ethics!

The television station that first reported the incident is standing by the story, even as some Baptists deny it. Hopefully, whoever is wrong will step up and admit it, especially if it is the Baptists—if they are lying then that is much worse than if the TV station (after all, we are supposed to lead people to Jesus who is "the Truth").

Bruce Prescott at the Mainstream Baptist blog offered this good observation Mainstream Baptist: The Latest on the Baptist/Beer Brouhaha:

"Alabama Southern Baptists have clearly been stung by the criticism they have received about this incident. It is indeed unfortunate that the sacrifices that Southern Baptist volunteers made to help hurricane victims has been overshadowed by this controversy. Hopefully, when they have had time for reflection, Baptists will decide that the principles of petty legalisms should give way to the grace that meets human need."

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