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Here's the results of an interesting study about how most Americans believe that religion is "under attack." Religion News Service: Press Releases Abraham H. Foxman, Anti-Defamation League National Director, stated the following about the results:

"Unfortunately, too many people believe that religion is under attack in America, when in fact according to all measurements, religion is stronger in the United States than in any other Western country."

"Despite the fact that religion continues to thrive in this country, which has famously served as a haven for the religiously oppressed throughout its history, too many people believe that religion is under attack, and that there should be a fundamental collapse of our traditional church-state barrier."

"It is unfortunate that those who would like to Christianize America seek to use the concerns reflected in this survey toward goals which would turn America into a very different place than the one that has been so open to all religious perspectives."

I still find it interesting—and a little disturbing—that many Christians feel so persecuted in America. Either they have no idea what persecution really is (these individuals would not last one minute in a country with real religious persecution) or they try to use it as a lame excuse to justify why they have not been more successful in reaching people for God ("oh, it's just so hard for us, woe is us"). It is time to get over this "persecution complex" and get busy ministering.

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