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Shouldn't Have to Ask

Two victims of priest sex abuse have asked for an official apology from Pope Benedict XVI to all victims. They have also asked that he fire all officials who helped keep the abuse private. Welcome to Ethics!

The sad thing is that they should not have to ask! All officials should have been long ago fired and a Papal apology should already have been offered. Hopefully, Pope Benedict XVI will do so that the healing may continue for the victims and so the Catholic Church can continue to restore its image.

1 comment:

  1. Francoise8:31 PM

    The RCC should also be forced to apologise for every victim of their Genesis-inspired witch-hunting rampage, their persecution of freethinkers and scientists, of Protestant martyrs, for the Crusades, the numerous massacres of Jews etc etc ad infinitum - in short, their despicable treatment of anyone who failed to toe the line. That should keep them occupied for the next few millennia.


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