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Troubled Water?

On Monday, I talked about the Ethics Daily article on how some Southern Baptist relief workers refused to give water to hurricane victims because it had been donated by Anheuser-Busch. For God's Sake Shut Up!: Denying Water!

Then on Wednesday, Bruce Prescott of the Mainstream Baptist blog reported that Keith Hinson, Public Relations Associate for the Alabama Baptist Convention's State Board of Missions, sent him an email denying the story. Mainstream Baptist: Alabama Baptist PR Associate Responds to Blog Hinson wrote:

"It is an absolute falsehood to suggest -- as many irresponsible bloggers have -- that the Baptist volunteers withheld the basic needs of life from Floridians impacted by the hurricane. Contrary to misinterpretations of news reports, no one was denied access to water."

Then yesterday, the Baptist Press ran an article also denying the story. Southern Baptists dispute media reports & blogger claims as 'absolute falsehood' that disaster relief teams withheld water - (BP) The article includes Hinson's statements, as well as those by others.

However, yesterday Prescott gave the response from Darrel Adams, Executive Editor and News Director of WBBH NBC2 and WZVN ABC7. Mainstream Baptist: WBBH News Director Responds to Southern Baptists Adams wrote:

"We stand by the facts reported in our story and witnessed by more than one reporter. No water was being given to the people in line until an alternative to the Anheuser-Busch product arrived."

With all of that, it seems hard to know who to believe. There does not seem to be a reason for the reporters to lie or make up this story. However, I can see why the Baptist leaders would want to deny this, since it is an embarrassing story if true. I hope it is not true; I hope they did not deny water and they did not lie about it.

But if it is true, no one put it better than Nathan over at the Moral Contradictions blog. Moral Contradictions: Jesus' Unconditional Love meets Pharisees He writes:

"What kind of witness is that? I'll help you, but..."

"Jesus got in trouble for performing miracles on the Sabbath - did he care? No. The need trumped any law or rule enforced by the Pharisee."

"Jesus turned water into wine for a party - My faith contends that He would have done the opposite of that and of the SBC's actions in Florida, especially in a time of need. Unconditional love is just that. Jesus got it - the Pharisees did not."

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