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12 Days of Sacrilege—Day 1

12 Days of Sacrilege—Day 1
The real problem with Christmas is not that some people say "Holiday" instead, but that it has become so commercialized. So starting today through Christmas Eve, I will show an example each day of the "Christian" trinkets you can waste your money on.

On the 1st day of Christmas you could show who is your "true love" by buying a Bobblehead Jesus with the caption "Buddy Jesus" (Now I guess Jesus really can be your co-pilot!). It is $12.95.

Or for $14.95 you can get the Football Jesus Bobblehead, who of course wears jersey #1 (perfect for the guy who thinks that Sunday is called the Sabbath because NFL games are on that day).

Thanks to blogs4God for pointing these items out.


  1. I think that these pictures are too disrespectful to even post. Why would you do such a thing?? And while I'm here, can you please remove that horrible title for your blog. Every time I see it, no matter the context in which it is used, I cringe.

  2. Paul,

    Thanks for your post.

    I agree that they are disrespectful, which is why I called it sacrilegious. However, I think it is important that we do not put our heads in the sand and ignore things we don't like. We need to confront things head on.

    As for the name, I think in a tongue in cheek way it accurately captures what I am trying to accomplish here. Yes, it is a little edgy but I do not use it profanely. Sorry if it bothers you, but hopefully you will be able to warm up to it.

  3. Honestly.... i think it is funny


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