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Air Rage?

Last week mega-church pastor Joel Osteen and his family were asked to leave a plane after his wife got into a disagreement with a flight attendant. Wife of Joel Osteen Asked to Leave Plane - Yahoo! News

In another article, one passenger stated, "She was just abusive. ... She was just like one of those divas."

Church spokesman Don Iloff called the incident "minor." However, it is a pretty bad witness to be removed from a plane when one is traveling for Christmas! When people know you are a Christian, you must always be careful what you do and say.


  1. Anonymous12:48 PM

    But if you're secretly Christian you can do/say any damn thing you want? How about, "If you're Christian, you will care about how your speech and actions affect others"? Of course, that pretty much goes for all decent people -- no need to be Christian for that.

  2. You are correct in noting that all Christians and decent people should be careful what they say and do. But, when you are a public figure it becomes even more important because you are more likely to be reported on and exposed for any hypocrisy.

  3. Anonymous7:51 PM

    And when you're a public figure who makes a living cultivating an image of being "holier-than-thou," hypocrisy is something you're bound to be accused of eventually.


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