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The "Ayatollah of Alabama"

Here is an excellent piece by John Sugg about Roy Moore. JUDGMENT DAY FOR JUDGE ROY MOORE Here are a couple of highlights that should alarm voters in Alabama and beyond:

"Should Moore win the gubernatorial race, there will be considerable clamor for him to seek the GOP's 2008 presidential nomination. He flirted with a 2004 presidential run on the ticket of the Constitution Party. That outfit was founded by those in the unabashedly theocratic Christian Reconstruction movement, which thunders that the prescription for America's ills is embracing Old Testament laws: mass executions of gays, blasphemers and other sinners; and reserving participation in government for the 'faithful.'"

"Moore sees politics in no-shades-of-gray terms. He portrays himself as God's champion. A martyred saint to the faithful who want to stamp their religion on government, and a devilish threat to the secular, he's indisputably a force."

"I'm also thinking of Rosa Parks and how Moore has compared himself to Martin Luther King Jr. - while at the same time winking at the South's neo-confederates. Last year, Moore opposed a referendum that would have struck unenforceable segregationist language from the Alabama constitution. Voters rejected the measure by a slim 1,850 majority, a victory for Moore and a clear signal to the many unrepentant segregationists in the Heart of Dixie."

"'With George Wallace, people said he just manipulated. Racism was just politics, it wasn't in his heart,' says Richard Cohen, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, whose ultra-modern Montgomery headquarters is a 180-degree contrast, in architecture and mission, to Moore's nearby Foundation for Moral Law, housed in a historic bank building. 'With Moore, what he says does reflect his heart. We've never doubted his sincerity. I don't think his zeal should be questioned. He's a giant rock in an age of turmoil.'

"Cohen pauses, smiles and adds: 'Roy has earned the title of 'Ayatollah of Alabama.'"

God help us!

Thanks to Bruce Prescott at the Mainstream Baptist blog for pointing out this article.

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