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Christmas Peace?

Here's a good column at Ethics Daily by Jim Evans, entitled "Waiting for the Promised Peace." Welcome to Ethics! Here are a couple of highlights:

"Despite the ongoing and pointless controversy over 'Merry Christmas' versus 'Happy Holidays,' the air is filled with the noise of Christians giving voice to the joy and excitement of the Christian season."

"One of the central themes of Christmas is often omitted in our various greetings. Stop and think about it for a moment. When was the last time you heard someone say to you during the Christmas season 'Peace be with you.'"

"So maybe that's it—there is a wound in us that makes it too painful to say 'Peace be with you.' We are still bruised from terrorist attacks on New York and Washington four years ago and bruised even more by a brutal war in Iraq. In our present moment, saying peace be with you just doesn't make much sense. We settle for 'merry' and 'happy,' because it hurts too much to speak of peace when there is no peace."

Or, maybe too many Christians are fighting to "save" Christmas that they are destroying any chance of having a peaceful Christmas. So let's stop this war and start worshipping the Prince of Peace. As Evans ended his column: "Peace be with you."

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