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Christmas Wars

Here's a piece from Ethics Daily today by Bruce Prescott entitled, "The 'War' Against Christmas." Welcome to Ethics! Here's a couple of highlights:

"It is time for thinking Christians to start discerning the spirits on issues like this. The spirit at work amongst Falwell and fundamentalist Christians is a spirit of dominance, belligerence and superiority."

"Most moderate, mainstream Christians are repelled by this spirit when it manifests itself in the church. Why some would find it attractive when it manifests itself in the life of our society is beyond my comprehension."

"The spirit of fundamentalism has nothing to do with the Spirit of Jesus. This Spirit of Christ is one that serves others, promotes peace, and elevates the lowly to a position of love and friendship."

Wouldn't it be nice to see Christians live out love and friendship during the Christmas season instead of belligerence and superiority? But that's probably too big an item for my Christmas wish-list.

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