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Even More on Moore

It is good to see other Christians willing to challenge Russell Moore for his recent dumb comments. (For background see: For God's Sake Shut Up!: Moore Confusion.)

Tony Cartledge, editor of the Biblical Recorder, tackled the story on his blog. Biblical Recorder Editor's Journal || Baptist News He wrote:

"I read a lot of news and information relative to Baptist life. Much of it is disturbing, but it's rare for an article to gnaw so deeply that it disturbs my sleep."

"I was flabbergasted to read this statement. For 26 years as a pastor, much of my pre-marital counsel to prospective spouses involved the importance of developing good communications skills and learning to work things out together."

"But now I learn, according to Moore, that I was just a pagan feminist and didn't know it."

"By his own observation, however, the rank and file of evangelical men and women are not buying it: they continue to live as if marital negotiation, mutual submission, and consensus are good things. Good for them."

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