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Fighting for Christmas

Here's an excellent column from Ethics Daily by Jim Evans. Welcome to Ethics! He wonders about the campaign by Jerry Falwell and others to fight to "save Christmas" (isn't it ironic that we fight to honor the Prince of Peace). Here are a couple of highlights:

"What I want to know is when did it become the responsibility of department stores to preach the gospel? It is not the purpose of retail establishments to advance the cause of Christ. I do not recall Jesus ever saying, 'Why haven't you turned my marketplace into a house of prayer?' If Christ is missing from Christmas, don't blame department stores, the real reason is somewhere closer to home."

"What's really missing from Christmas is any semblance of Christian teaching. Instead of bullying stores into saying Merry Christmas, why not bemoan how grotesquely commercial Christmas has become? We've made it all about buying stuff. Jesus was not into that. Jesus was into service and compassion and mercy. In fact, Jesus said one time that if we ever needed to find him we should look among the sick, the hungry, the imprisoned, the poor and the dispossessed."

"No wonder Christ seems to be missing from Christmas—Christians keep looking for him in the mall."

"And for all those activist groups out there stirring up the faithful, spewing venom and spreading fear, well that's just one more seasonal sell job. You see, department stores and activist faith groups have this in common—they are always looking for ways to separate well-meaning Christians from their hard-earned money at Christmas time."

Preach on brother!

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