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Harsh Words for 'Soul Molesters'

Here's an article from Ethics Daily about some harsh words Will Campbell, Baptist minister, civil-rights activist, and author, had to offer about "Christian" leaders he feel have perverted the faith. Welcome to Ethics!

While his words may be a little harsh—kind of like Jesus was to the Pharisees—he makes some excellent points. Here are a few:

"Soul molesters, that's what I call these television evangelists."

"Soul molesters. That bunch that call themselves Christian. They are not Christian, but a very powerful political group. ... Groups like those with Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, those people that run the LifeWay show (a reference to LifeWay Christian Resources--the Southern Baptist Convention publisher)."

"They don't show me much about the Christian faith. ... They hate, hate everybody except themselves and their power. Falwell stood down there at the Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Nashville recently and said, 'We won this election.' And he spoke the truth. They did elect George W. Bush."

"the well-heeled, Bible-thumping folks at the SBC have abandoned Christ in favor of Caesar, turned their dark suits and ties toward the Golden Calf of politics and away from the strict separation of church and state tradition of the Baptist church."

"Have you ever seen Benny Hinn? ... These frauds, God Almighty. Just liars. Benny Hinn has his own jet airplane, a 10-bedroom house overlooking the Pacific Ocean. ... These rich televangelists are frauds mostly. They are liars."

"They have hijacked the seminaries ... and become revisionists of Baptist history."

Preach on brother!

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