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Higher Priorities?

Here is an excellent column over at Ethics Daily by Michael Helms reminding us that there are more important things to focus on than what stores or people may call this season. Here are a couple highlights:

"America is the most ethnically and religiously diverse nation on the planet. While Christmas Day will always be Christmas Day for Christians--and the real significance of this day for us is found in the manger of Bethlehem--we should seek to understand and respect those whose religious faith differs from our own."

"This isn't to suggest that we ought to remove every vestige of the sacred nature of the season for the benefit of those who do not worship as we do. Quite the contrary, as individual Christians, we should take every opportunity to emphasize the true meaning of this season. We need to extend the message of Christmas among nonbelievers and to those who need to be shown the love of Jesus and come to understand the spirit of Christmas through our actions and our greetings."

"Since when has saying 'Merry Christmas' to people changed their lives anyway? Lives are changed by loving people as Jesus commanded. Lives are changed by carrying Christmas to people via the Christ Child."

"Is our faith so shallow that we are afraid that Christmas is in danger because department store workers are told to wish people 'Holiday Greetings' instead of a 'Merry Christmas?'"

"Since when did we give this sacred season to the retailers anyway?"

"Christians shouldn't worry about the efforts of others to kill Christmas if we allow Christ to live within us and through us; if we seek to spread the love of Christ to others; if we do our job and witness about our Lord while respecting the beliefs of others."


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