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Holiday Semantics

Here is a pretty good column from the Baptist Press entitled Living above the semantics of the season. Here are a couple highlights:

"I have even heard a handful of pastors go so far as to say recently that this battle over what to call the season is nothing less than religious persecution. The debate is no doubt heated, but 'religious persecution'? Our Christian brothers Polycarp and Bonhoeffer might consider such an assessment somewhat overstated."

"Has the world stolen Christmas from us Christians or have we handed much of it over to them? American Christians are often guilty of joining the secular society that rushes headlong into the month dedicated mostly to the observance of materialism, commercialism, sentimentality and gluttony."

"Sadly, too many of us are more focused on the presents under the tree than we are on the baby in the manger."

"In the United States, we should certainly be free to exercise our faith, but we must not be offended when the world doesn’t act the way we often wish they would."


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