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Intelligent Design Lies!

What bothers me most about the Dover situation is not the judge's recent decision but that it appears that the pro-Intelligent Design board members lied under oath. So much for "reclaiming" this nation for God! It is sad that now Christians are being portrayed as liars and getting bad press. No matter how strongly we believe in a cause, we must tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. What these Dover Christians did was neither Christ-like nor intelligent.

The Christianity Today Weblog offered some good commentary on the issue:

"It is not terribly difficult to use the sins of a few to tar the intentions of the many. Nor is it difficult to criticize Darwinists for taking advantage of the opportunity. What is more difficult is to recognize that so many of us are tempted to 'forget' inconvenient facts, to retell events in a more positive light, to take shortcuts for the benefit of what we think is the greater good. When it comes down to it, though, which do you think God cares more about? That those who act in his name got a school district to call Darwinian evolution a theory, or that the entire world now considers them perjurers?"

Right on! When we act like hypocrites it hurts our image, our cause, and ultimately God. Hopefully these Dover Christians will evolve enough to realize they must be much more careful in what they say so that they will stop shooting themselves in the foot.

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