"Love Homosexuals as Jesus Would"

December 09, 2005

The Baptist Press has run an article about a couple of speakers urging Christians to love homosexuals in a Christ-like way. Love homosexuals as Jesus would, ex-gays urge at conference - (BP) Here is a passage that especially caught my eye:

"Many Christians like to use the phrase 'hate the sin, love the sinner' to describe their attitude toward homosexuals, but again, communication completely breaks down, Thompson said. 'Christians consider homosexuality a behavior, but homosexuals consider it an identity,' he said. 'If gay and lesbian folks consider their orientation an identity, is it really possible to ‘hate the sin’ without also hating the sinner?' Thompson suggests that instead of looking at homosexuals through the world’s eyes, Christians need to look at the world through their eyes. 'This means that, when discussing the subject of homosexuality with people, we must use words that are inclusive, not divisive,' he explained, pointing out that while homosexuals use words like 'love' and 'relationship' to describe homosexual behavior, Christians use words like 'sin' and 'abomination.' 'We must put aside this kind of language if we want our ministries to be a safe place for students to talk openly about their sexuality,' he said."

We must be much more careful about the words we use so that we can begin to show love of Jesus to all people. I just hope people were listening because this is the area where Christians seem to most fail to "love they neighbor as thyself." For more thoughts, check out this article I wrote awhile back: Be It Resolved: Christians, McCarthyism, and Homosexuality