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"Mishandling the Bible"

New Testament scholar and Asbury Theological Seminary professor Ben Witherington has a great post about churches closing on Christmas and attempting to defend the action with the Bible. Ben Witherington: Church Closings-- Damage Control by Mishandling the Bible He argues:

"It is unfortunate that the Bible sometimes gets used to shore up an inappropriate decision by a church, but sadly we now have this in the case of the mega-church which has now handed out a 'Biblical' rationale for closing on Christmas to its parishioners."

He then goes through and tears apart the usage of a passage in Colossians, a book on which he just wrote a commentary, to justify closing on Christmas. It is great to see this type of public, logical, and biblical dialogue. We need to spend more time talking about what Scripture really means and not just (mis)using it to justify our current pet cause.

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