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Mocking the Christmas Spirit

Here's a good column by Caroline Arnold entitled, Christmas Spirit Mocked by World of War, Torture. Here are a couple of highlights:

"I used to think that Christmas was a time when we examined our lives and tried to make them more just, merciful, loving, and neighborly, a time to renew our commitment to peace on earth, and a time to strive, as the prophet Micah teaches, to 'Do justice, seek mercy, and walk humbly with your God.' This year I am bewildered and incredulous at the perversion of Christmas by George W. Bush. Although he 'takes responsibility' for a war he admits was unjustified, there is no evidence that he is trying to ‘do justice, seek mercy, or walk humbly’ with his God or the world. I’d sooner believe in Santa and Rudolph than in Bush as a Christian."

"In addition to our Bush’s pursuit of war and defense of torture, the White House is celebrating Christmas with 'All Things Bright and Beautiful,' while for millions of children living in fear, want and pain, having anything Bright and Beautiful is less believable than Santa and red-nosed Rudolph."

See, there are more important things to fight for this Christmas season! We can say "Merry Christmas" all we want, but if our actions do not match it then they are just hollow words. We need to worship Jesus this Christmas not just with our words but with our deeds. As Arnold put it:

"For God’s sake, it’s Christmas. Torture, ‘extreme rendition’ and war are wrong, immoral, unjust, and cruel – not just illegal. How can we celebrate a Christian vision of Peace, Love, and Mercy by preparing to do 'anything that is legal' against terrorists or suspected terrorists or by spending more billions of the world’s wealth on more war?"

Thanks to the Jesus Politics blog for pointing out this column.

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