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Mr. Smock Responds

A few days ago I mentioned how troubled I am by street preachers on college campuses and included an email I had recently sent to one such "preacher" (For God's Sake Shut Up!: Campus Epidemic). He has now responded and I am working on a message to send back. I and am excited that he seems willing to dialogue. I don't expect to change him, but I sure hope to. Here is what he had to say:

Luke 16:18 "For the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light."

Confrontation is an effective tactic in getting ones message across. This has been demonstrated over and over in history, especially during the sixties. Who has the popular radio and TV programs? No Spin Zone, Hannity & Combs, Rush, Hardball, etc.

Students are the future leaders, love demands that they be confronted for their sins. Students tend to justify what God's law condemns (often claiming to be Christians). Of course, others flaunt God's law, who make no claim to religion.

The prophets of old, Jesus and the apostles were confrontational. Read the Gospels and the book of Acts. They did not merely confront religious leaders, because of their sect or position, but because they were hypocrites. Jesus would confront sin, wherever he might find it. He cursed whole cities; "Woe unto thee Chorazin...Bethsaida...(Matt. 11:21-24). He even at one point cursed the world: "Woe unto the world because of offenses (Matt 18:7)."

I am confronting UM for exchanging the Truth of Christianity for the lies of secularism, pluralism, multiculturalism, humanism, etc. Many stop, some choose to engage me, others just listen, hour after hour, day after day.

If Jesus or anyone else sees sin in my life, I hope that they would have enough love to confront me. Actually, few would recognize me as a religious leader, I hold no offical ecclesiatical position. I am simply a voice.

"The preaching of the Cross is to them that perish foolishness, but unto us that are saved it is the power of God (1 Cor 1)." No doubt, I am a byword, essentially entertainment to many, but others must take me seriously, or why would they get so angry.? Yes, I do turn most people off, but so did Jesus and his followers. They tried to kill Him more than once before they succeeded. His disciples were regularly mocked, ridiculed, spat upon, mobbed, and finally martyred.

The number of converts is not the measure of success for Christians, our measure is obedience to our calling. I lead hundreds to Christ daily on campus, few choose follow Him. One exception is my wife, who at the University of Florida has admitted that she initially listened to me just to be entertained, but eventually she became convinced, and now preaches the message she once mocked.

An ad hominem attack would be attacking the person instead of the argument. I always address arguments, the problem is that typically students do not present arguments, but merely emote or answer my points by saying, "That's B.S. or you are an a-- hole." Under those circumstances, I might attack their character.

Could you give me some examples of me "jumping to conclusions?"

Any system of thought has assumptions, I have two basic assumptions: There is a God and the Bible is His Word. In the light of these two assumptions, could you give me any specific examples where I have violated the laws of logic? Unlike many ministers, you will not hear me say, "That the Bible is true, because the Bible says it's true." That would be circular reasoning.

I would be happy to meet with you over a cup of coffee and we can discuss the issues that you have raised. If you can specifically show me where I am violating Biblical principles or being illogical I would be glad to make adjustments. How many hours have you actually listened to me teach on campus? Have you read my book, Who Will Rise Up? in which I address the very criticisms which you have shared? The book is available on my website at, or I would be pleased to present you a complimentary copy.

Thank you for writing. I do hope that we can get together. Presently, I am ministering in TN, but should be home by midweek. Should you want to bring any of your students or colleagues along, that would be fine.

Jed Smock


  1. That is very scary, how he has managed to justified it to himself.

  2. Yes it is. And what troubles me most is that he is literally pushing people away from God with his extreme rhetoric and aggressive style. I just don't know how he can be so blind.


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