Never Met Jesus

December 09, 2005

Here's a post from the DefCon Blog about a recent appearance on CNN by Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League and speaker at the "Just Us Sunday" rallies. If you have never seen him before, the man is usually quite scattered and crazy as a speaker.

During the interview he was denouncing President Bush and everyone else who says "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas." He was then asked by the CNN reporter: "What if Jesus got this card? What would he do? Would he be angry about it? He’s be OK with it, wouldn’t he?"

Donahue responded: "Well, maybe he would, but I’ve never met him."

Well, that was obvious wasn't it! Maybe Donahue should spend less time giving speeches at Sunday night political rallies and start listening to sermons. Maybe he should spend less time giving interviews on TV and start reading the Bible. Then maybe he'll meet Jesus and see the error of his ways.

After Donahue’s answer, the reporter responded: “Well, you know what I mean. You follow his precepts. WWJD? He wouldn't be angry about this. He'd say, it's OK.” Donahue did not answer the question.

It is pretty sad when the CNN reporter understands the teachings of Jesus better than the religious leader!